How to Wash Your Copperline Mask

Copperline Masks can be washed and reused. We recommend a cool gentle hand wash with mild soap and air dry ONLY Please do not place masks in washing machine or dryer.

Please note: The removable HEPA filter is NOT washable. Washing a HEPA filter will render it useless.

Washing Instructions: 

Gently hand wash with lukewarm water at or below 86°F (30°C). Mild or neutral detergent is recommended.

Gently press excess water out and hang to dry.

Avoid twisting which may damage the structure of copper yarn.


How Long Will My Mask Last? 

Like any superior quality clothing item, your mask should last for a long time.

Unlike copper infused items, the integrated copper nano-technology in our fabric will not wear out and can be washed and reused with no excessive degenerative effect. 

We recommend replacing your mask only when it appears to be visibly deteriorated. Say goodbye to single use, disposable masks!


Long Lasting Anti-Bacterial Function

Antibacterial test results before washing & after washing both registered at 99.9%.  This demonstrates the intrinsic value and integrity of the copper yarn is retained even after many washes.